Mobile Container Load Ramp DCQY-12

Mobile Container Load Ramp DCQY-12


Main Features

    · All-hydraulic drive easy operation
    · Lip plate is connected to the leveler with long axis high-strength and reliable
    · Imported sealing part to guarantee good sealing performance of hydraulic system
    · High strength U-shape design to ensure big load capacity without deformation
    · Capable of being operated by one person very flexible.
Load 12000 kg
Main beam 200*100*5(5) mm
Vice beam 120*60*5 mm
Guard rail 40*60*3 mm
Platform plate 5 mm
Solid tire 700-9
Cylinder Φ80*2
Lip plate 16 mm
Weight 3000 kg


Movable Container Loading Ramps are widely used in terminals, stations, warehouses and other places. According to the different needs of users, as the special design in terms of dimensions, load bearing and so on. Ramps mounted on the side of the dock, and the dock floor and sides flush.


cargo handling and forklift with auxiliary equipment to use, adjustable height according to the level of automobile car, truck directly through the device into the interior of the bulk cargo handling, only a single person operation, you can achieve rapid loading and unloading of goods. It enables companies to reduce a lot of labor, improve efficiency, to obtain greater economic benefits.

Main Features:

1).Loading Capacity: 12 ton                                                     
2).With hydraulic retractable legs to help bear load
3).With steel grating for the slope which can prevent forklift from slipping back
4).With foldable lip for free lateral floating
5).Italy hydraulic pump
6).With solid tyre                                                            
7).Can be towable by forklift. Simple structure in linear type ,easy in installation and maintation.